Putting people in homes, whether to buy or rent, is a career with a purpose—not just a job.

Future Housing Leaders is a new internship opportunity focused on recruiting diverse talent to the housing industry, a sector representing about 18% of the U.S. economy.* The program helps students gain rewarding employment after graduation, and long-term success as a leader in the industry.


*Source: National Association of Home Builders

Led by Fannie Mae in partnership with the National Urban League, Future Housing Leaders is an effort to increase diversity in all sectors of the housing industry so that it better reflects the diverse groups of people, renting and buying homes.

With Future Housing Leaders, students can leverage practical experience at the center of a dynamic industry through internships, exclusive training, mentorship, and networking.

For more information, review the Frequently Asked Questions and answers below, and view our Educators Overview (PDF).


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Educators FAQs

Future Housing Leaders offers your students a unique opportunity to work for up to two consecutive summers in a dynamic, evolving industry representing nearly one-fifth of the U.S. economy. Through Future Housing Leaders, your students will gain work experience and develop personal and leadership skills all while helping to put people in homes. Future Housing Leaders offers your students the chance to launch a career with a purpose.

The National Urban League will be on campus at all of the participating academic institutions promoting the Future Housing Leaders program, educating students on the housing industry, and raising awareness of internship opportunities. Participating employers will also be on campus meeting with students. Employers will make all decisions with respect to interviews and selection, consistent with the principles of equal employment opportunity and their company’s business needs and selection criteria (e.g. minimum GPA, background check, location and time commitment, etc.).

Internships will vary by employer and will span various career areas/disciplines including business, information technology, finance, policy, accounting, audit, risk management, operations, human resources, engineering, communications, marketing, and graphic design. The internship experience should provide students with practical work experience and personal development opportunities. No more than 50% of the responsibilities should be administrative in nature.

Successful students will have internship opportunities for up to two consecutive summers that may lead to full-time employment. Your students will also:

  • Benefit from multiple opportunities to obtain an internship
  • Develop leadership and personal skills needed for a successful career
  • Network and interact with senior-level employees
  • Learn about career paths in the housing industry
  • Build their online profiles and resumes
  • Have access to exclusive learning resources and materials
  • Learn what employers are looking for in an intern

Employers are searching for a broad range of students, across various majors and concentrations. The next generation of leaders in the housing industry should exhibit these qualities:

Business-Area Competencies People – Focused Competencies
Critical-thinking Influencing skills
Problem-solving Decision-making
Analytical Skills Communications (written & verbal)
Willingness to learn Collaboration & partnership
Project & time management Accountability