As a group, renters and homebuyers are becoming more diverse. To better serve your customers, it is important to have a workforce that reflects those same demographics. This is not just speculation. Research by McKinsey has shown that highly diverse firms are 35% more likely to outperform their industry median for financial performance. Joining Future Housing Leaders will help you foster and sustain a diverse applicant pipeline to promote a workforce that is well adapted to the evolving housing market.

Future Housing Leaders is a new program led by Fannie Mae in partnership with the National Urban League. Its goal is to promote diversity in all sectors of the housing industry.

By joining Future Housing Leaders as an Employer Partner, you’ll expand your program for recruiting diverse talent from colleges and universities across the country. The program will help establish a pipeline between diverse, motivated student populations and your organization, while also building a nationwide network.

Our Employer Partners enjoy:

  • Enhanced connections with more colleges and universities
  • Increased participation and support for special on-campus recruiting events
  • Insights and research on diversity, hiring and housing
  • Access to marketing materials, recruiting resources, tips, and more

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Want to participate?

Here a just a few of the many benefits you will realize as a hiring Employer Partner:

  • Opportunities to expand diverse applicant pipelines with different colleges and universities
  • Enhanced access to diverse talent pools for entry-level positions
  • Opportunities to participate in special on-campus recruiting events
  • Opportunities to expand your network by developing relationships with different colleges and universities
  • Access to a supplementary knowledge and leadership development program
  • Ability to gain and share best practices for attracting top talent

Employer Partners must meet the following requirements to participate in the program:

  • Business focus within the housing or housing finance industry
  • Commitment to promoting diversity and fostering inclusion in your workforce
  • Able to offer paid internships for up to two consecutive summers with the opportunity for full-time employment.

Minorities are underrepresented in financial services, including the housing sector; even as the U.S. population has become more diverse. Research shows that companies with employees who are representative of their current and future customers are better prepared to meet their customers’ needs.

  • Research conducted by McKinsey shows a correlation between increased diversity and better financial performance—with ethnically diverse firms being 35% more likely to outperform the median for their industry.1

Promoting diversity and inclusion within the industry will help ensure that it has a variety of viewpoints and experiences represented to meet the needs of the next generation of increasingly diverse homeowners and renters.

SOURCE: (1) McKinsey Report, Diversity Matters, February 2015

Future Housing Leaders will provide marketing, communications, and curriculum support and continuity from year-to-year to help you effectively implement your recruitment strategy (or approach) with diverse student communities by:

  • Partnering with colleges and universities with high-performing, diverse student populations
  • Generating interest from new audiences for internships and careers in the housing industry
  • Sharing best practices for developing or enhancing your campus recruitment plan
  • Designing marketing and communications that are easily co-branded based on employer’s business needs and priorities
  • Identifying a variety of campus activities employers can add to their recruitment plans

The National Urban League will be on campus at all of the participating academic institutions promoting the Future Housing Leaders program, educating students on the housing industry, and raising awareness of internship opportunities. Each Employer Partner will also be on campus meeting with students. Employers will make all decisions with respect to interviews and selection, consistent with the principles of equal employment opportunity and their company’s business needs and selection criteria.

Employer Partners should offer internships based on their business needs. Opportunities can span across disciplines including business, information technology, finance, policy, accounting, audit, risk management, operations, human resources, engineering, communications, marketing, and graphic design. The internship experience should provide students with practical work experience and personal development opportunities. No more than 50% of the responsibilities should be administrative in nature.

Representatives from the National Urban League will be available on the campuses of all participating colleges and universities to promote the Future Housing Leaders program, educate students on the housing industry, and raise awareness about employer internship opportunities. They will not be able to attend on-campus events at schools not currently participating in the program. However, if there is a college or university that you think would be a good fit for the Future Housing Leaders program, please let us know. We will contact the school to inquire about future participation in the program.

Employers are expected to post internships directly with colleges (please see the Employer Recruitment Guide for additional information), and students will apply for the positions as they normally do through the college recruiting process. Any candidate resumes received during Future Housing Leader campus events, hosted by the National Urban League, will be forwarded to those employers who have expressed interest in receiving additional candidates.